Hospital Coverage and Group Benefits

Posted May 16th, 2012 in articles by admin

Hospital Coverage can also be an important part of any Group Benefits package, but it’s value is often overlooked.

One of the important options to consider is the option to have a semi-private or private room in the hospital.
The default option in most hospitals is to put the patients in a “ward” type of room. This means that you would be placed in a room with 3 or more other sick people with little to no privacy.

While this might not seem like a big deal, it can effect your sleep (coughing, moving, lights, TV late at night), which in turn can slow your recovery.
Other factors to consider are contagious diseases. When a patient has a known highly contagious illness, they are usually isolated, but the patient might still be in your ward while he/she awaits diagnosis.

It can also me nice to have privacy for the birth of your child, or even while spending time with a gravely ill loved-one.

These benefits may also cover you for such things at TV rentals, parking, telephone use as well as ambulance transportation to and from the hospital.

This coverage can also help you with personal costs for things such as day care for your children, rental or purchase of implements such as crutches, wheel-chairs or a variety of personal assistance devices.

These plans can also help cover the cost of certain drugs while you are hospitalized.

While most Hospital Coverage options do not cover you for loss of income, combined with a Long Term Disability ( LTD ) plan, you can have the amount of coverage and peace of mind that can make all the difference when you or a loved one is hospitalized.

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